Proper Upgraded Guide on List of Hollywood movies released in 2016

1) Batman Vs superman : The Dawn of Justice

Dawn of Justice is a much awaited 2016 DC comic movie directed by Zach Snyder [Director of Man of Steel]. The plot majorly revolves around three men. Ben Affleck as the aged Bruce Wayne brings the best with his voice over and performance. The buildups and hypes for those pumped up moments between the lead pair are many and are fixed upon into plot. The music and sound effects is another plus taking us through the 153 minutes. A definite watch but not the best.


Deadpool is about a wise cracking, wronged guy in search of the villain who had spoiled his life. The story is wafer thin, but the dialogues and the treatment is absolutely refreshing. It takes a genius to make a super hero movie who takes digs at the other super heroes, check security of his wife and not end up as a spoof. That’s a thin line and dead pool crosses it with panache.


A fantasy movie based on Rudyard Kipling’s book of same name. It is directed by Jon Favreau from the production house of Walt Disney Pictures. The plot is exactly the same as the earlier movie. It is a battle for survival. If you are a 80-90’s kid, you will revive your childhood memories. Nostalgia crosses for every character introduced on screen. However one doesn’t get the feel of a song in King Louie’s rendition- rather misplaced.


Disney is back with a bang. The Makers of FROZEN and BIG HERO 6 have made this even bigger. Disney was anyway going to hit gold with the animation and the expressions but the big fish was the lessons they teach in ZOOTOPIA. Zootopia is definitely not any animation movie that you can seclude only for the kids. It got some serious life learning messages to be conveyed viz; “Try everything in life”;” Be not the first anyone, be the first YOU”; “Try and fail is a win compared to not try”. A good watch.


An English action crime movie where a young FBI agent tries to solve a series of heist where he suspects a gang of extreme sports athletes. Point Break is a remake of 1991 movie of same name. The movie would ring all the expedition blues within us. Though there are secondary pluses, the movie loses on the primary plot as there is no continuity and logic.

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