Browser Security Settings For Chrome To Avoid Malware

Security is always important things which we need to consider always. HTTPS makes your information encrypted which is secure. Whenever you are sharing a private information or transaction details or security details you will see for Green Mark in URL page which means to users that this page is secure. For user whichever URL’s have Green mark, they feel that this page is secure. You can watch free entertainment stuff securely via MUBI App.

In Chrome Browser Google added Security option in Developer tools which makes you to the security status of each page.  Green Mark means it satisfies certain security standards and has trusted certificates. This translates “HTTP” to into “HTTPS” which signifies that it has secure connection protocol over the network.


This new option in Google Chrome makes developers know whether their page met the standards and requirements to become secure. The security option in developer tools gives Certificate details, the website is loading in which protocol which enables developers to debug about their page. So this new option gives developers to debug better. Having HTTPS protocol page not only secure, but it also ranks your page in Google results page.