Updated Guidelines To Install MUBI Movie App

Getting struggled in installing MUBI app in your Android and Blackberry mobile? Relax, Get through this post to install MUBI app on your Android and Blackberry mobile without any errors.

MUBI Movies

MUBI is a cool app which allows you to watch new, High-quality movies or TV shows online. If you missed some TV shows due to your busy life, don’t worry you can watch them in MUBI. The great thing about this is no need to pay any money to stream movies online. It has a large collection of movies and new TV shows. You have a facility to add your favorite movies to your library.

Features of MUBI Apk

  1. Stream movies or TV shows.
  2. Easily understandable User interface.
  3. No need to worry about your disk space, it is online streaming.
  4. Get the latest updates about Movies and TV shows.
  5. Has an option to select player types(Internal player and external Player)
  6. You can play movies on your smart TV’s using chrome cast or with other devices. Check for MUBI for Chrome Cast
  7. You can download movies or TV shows.
  8. You can add movies list to the favorite library which will be stored in the favorite menu.
  9. You can turn Turbo mode while downloading multiple movies.
  10. Better search option with user-defined filters like by year, category, rating, etc.
  11. You can have subtitles option also.

Updated Steps To Install MUBI On Android /BlackBerry

Having a MUBI app on your Android or Blackberry mobile makes you stream or download movies online.  If you have a MUBI app, then you have an entertainment world in your hand. To install the app on your blackberry mobile to avail MUBI features. Installing MUBI app on your Blackberry mobile is very simple. Just follow below steps to install MUBI app.

  1. To install MUBI on your blackberry mobile first you need to give permission to other sources in the app manager. To change the settings go to Settings >> App manager >> Install apps Turn on allowing apps from another source to be installed.
  2. Once you change the settings, download MUBI APK file from the internet. Download the apk from The Web on your Blac berry mobile browser to download it.
  3. If you have already MUBI apk file, you can copy that to your mobile.
  4. Go to the location where MUBI latest APK file is located.
  5. Open that MUBI APK file and then click on Install.
  6. MUBI app will be installed on your Blackberry mobile. You can see it on your app menu.
  7. You are done with installing the MUBI app. You are ready to enjoy movies or TV shown on your Blackberry mobile using MUBI app. MUBI on Windows is also good.

If you have any doubts about installing the MUBI app post below comments, we will guide you to install it. Share this article to make other people install and use the MUBI features.